External assessments, an ally in finding the ideal candidate


Probably one of the greatest challenges faced by organizations is recruiting and keeping highly qualified personnel, capable of meeting the requirements of the position, to become integrated with the organization’s culture, and even to contribute beyond the job description. The adequate management of human capital is a tool for competitiveness and differentiation in the market. For this reason, it is essential to have other tools, in addition to the interview, that can provide support when the time comes to select a candidate.

Psychometric tests are one of the tools that we rely on for recruitment purposes, or when the time comes for internal promotions. These tests allow us to identify traits, aptitudes, interests, strengths, weaknesses, and even specific competencies that bear a direct relationship with the duties and responsibilities to be performed by the employee. These tests help us determine whether the candidate has the potential that the company is looking for and needs.

We have a wide array of tests available that answer our customers’ needs. These tests have been carefully selected to match the sociocultural characteristics of the Central American population. All psychometric tests feature a solid statistical baseline, thereby allowing us to obtain objective and accurate information. These tests also help decrease personnel turnover because they allow us to “connect the best candidates with the best company, in the right position.”

We would like to highlight that we have staff with specialized training in administering and reading the results of the tests. This staff possesses the competencies required to interpret the characteristics of each candidate.

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