Five tips for your next job interview


Without a doubt, the job interview is the major step of the job search. This is the time to show that we possess all the qualities, personal as well as professional, to effectively undertake all of the position’s requirements and achieve the goals of the organization. We know that creating a good impression is essential, and we would like to give you the following recommendations for your next job interview:

  1. Before we arrive for the interview, it is important to learn more about the company’s activities: its core businesses, strongest competitors, market track record, and its organizational culture.
  2. They say that an image is worth a thousand words. Therefore, the applicant must be adequately dressed for the interview: clothes should not be flashy or too tight.
  3. We suggest arriving early to the venue of the interview: 15 minutes early is recommended. This might help soothe one’s nerves and allows one to take in the surroundings. While we should avoid arriving late to the interview, it is also not advisable to arrive too early.
  4. The applicant must announce his/her arrival at the venue of the interview. Once the process begins, one must speak clearly, with confidence, and respectfully to the interviewer. Body language must be carefully controlled because our gestures and expressions convey a great deal of information about us.
  5. One of the biggest mistakes made by job applicants during an interview is to claim false achievements or skills, as well as lying about the reason for leaving previous jobs.

The purpose of the interview is to learn a little more about the candidates: their strengths as well as weaknesses. We should be prepared to answer not only questions about previous employment, but also about our plans in life, the way we face conflict, and our family situation, among others.

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