Why do companies outsource?


The fast pace of business, the globalization of markets, and constant changes in technology and processes bring about a dynamic and flexible scenario pertaining to the new way to generate business at the local and international levels. This landscape allows us to ask, how can we achieve more competitive, flexible, and efficient organizations with the resources that we already have? Is our organization prepared to take advantage of potential opportunities? Are we able to differentiate ourselves from our competitors?

The answer to each one of these questions is summarized in the new way in which organizations and their human capital are being managed.

One of the best strategies, which is achieving impressive results at a global level, is outsourcing. For all practical effects, it consists in nothing other than hiring a third party to take care of the administrative functions of human resources management. Outsourcing frees Human Resources leaders to dedicate themselves to their new strategic role, for the sole purpose of “creating value” for the organization’s business.

How is this achieved?

  • Through the identification and definition of the administrative functions to be delegated upon an expert partner. To achieve these purposes, these functions may be: personnel recruitment, payroll processing, or staff outsourcing.
  • Before selecting an expert partner, please ensure that a thorough research is done to cover the following:
  • The track record of the strategic partner in the local and international markets.
  • Companies or customers that they service.
  • Technological platform available to provide these services.
  • Methodology used by the expert partner.
  • Innovative solutions offered by the expert partner.
  • Establishment of a work plan and calendar of scheduled activities central to the relationship with the partner. The main purpose of this roadmap is to manage and guarantee excellence in the services provided.
  • Communicate the new way of managing the company’s human capital to stakeholders, to integrate them as participants in the challenges and goals of this approach.

Outsourcing began to be implemented a few years ago and is here to stay. The growth of this industry in the region exceeds 10% per year, and it plays a predominant role in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. The challenge it poses for our country will most certainly reside in using outsourcing for managing, in the most efficient manner, the resources we have at hand, and to take the greatest advantage of opportunities for growth in our organization’s industry.n.

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